Simply fill 'radiance' with water, add the essential oil of your choice, position on the front or side of the radiator, let the heat of the radiator give radiance to your room.'

No fuss and no hooks!  Magnets attach 'radiance' to your radiator leaving an elegant finish.

'radiance' is available in plain colour or with flower decoration.  Choose from white, yellow, pink, green and blue outer colour and white or pink inner colour.  Sold as a gift box which includes one 'radiance' and one bottle of lavender essential oil (5ml).  The gift tag is blank on the reverse for you to add your own message.

How to use:

1.  Fill 'radiance' with water (be careful not to overfill).

2.  Place on the front or side of a heated radiator with the magnets attached to the radiator.

3.  Once the water heats up, add 3 - 4 drops of essential oil.

4.  Enjoy the fragrant scent as it infuses the room.

5.  Change the water and top up with essential oil when required.


*  This product contains magnets which can adversely affect heart pacemakers.  Do not place within 300mm of credit cards or computers.

*  This product may get hot, pay particular attention to the magnets if removing from a hot radiator.

*  Do not take the essential oils internally or apply undiluted to the skin.

*  Keep essential oils away from children and eyes.

*  Do not leave 'radiance' unsupervised.

*  Do not leave 'radiance' with unsupervised children.

*  If pregnant please seek professional advice on use of essential oils.


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